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Monday, 25 August 2014

Golden Lion, Barton Lane

Golden Lion, Barton Lane, Eccles. (c) deltrems at flickr [1].

The Golden Lion was an estate-style Boddingtons pub next door to the grand Royal Oak Holt's house in Eccles.  It replaced an original Golden Lion which dated back to the mid-1800s and suffered a direct hit from the Luftwafffe in WWII [2].

Golden Lion, Barton Lane. (c) Tony Flynn [2].

The new Golden Lion on Barton Lane didn't reopen until 26 years after the original pub had been destroyed.  It was also a Boddingtons house and opened on 15th September 1967, and the first person to be served was the landlady of the original Golden Lion [2].

Golden Lion, Barton Lane. (c) Kev Dol at panoramio under Creative Commons.

The Golden Lion was renowned for its top class Boddingtons, which is a decent feat here in Eccles, the heart of Holt's county.

Golden Lion, Barton Lane. (c) Brewery History Society [3].

The pub closed in about 2006 and laid derelict for many years.  Recently it's been converted to Barton Fireplace Centre.

Former Golden Lion, Barton Lane. (c) Google 2014. View Larger Map.

Sadly, the Royal Oak is also now up for sale by Holt's [4], despite being on CAMRA's national inventory of Historic Pub Interiors [5].

2. A History of the Pubs of Eccles, Tony Flynn (1980).


  1. I'm led to believe that the Royal Oak has been recently purchased.

  2. Any idea by whom? I guess its serving days are numbered

  3. I popped in the Royal Oak on Saturday, quite busy and a decent pint.Bit of music on which wasn't too loud thankfully.One of the acid etched windows on the entrance door had been smashed the previous night unfortunately.I sat in the vault admiring the splendid bar !

  4. Oh sorry, I meant that it's been bought as a pub