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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Angel Hotel, Chester Road

Angel Hotel, Chester Road, Stretford. (c) Trafford Council. Click here to view full image [1].

The landmark Stretford estate pub, the Drum, has recently closed and is sadly set for demolition.  Before the Bass Drum (to give it its original full name) and its sister pub, the lost Kettledrum over in Salford, were built, the Angel Hotel used to stand on this site.  Even before this, an original Angel pub stood here which can be traced back to 1780 - it was a whitewashed coaching inn with its own brewery [2].

Former location of Angel Hotel, Chester Road. (c) Google 2013. View Larger Map.


  1. Did this pub have a bowling green out the back.

  2. Yep!
    One summers day this old guy bowls out his jack and the hew landlords Doberman races across the green grabs the jack and brings it back to him! I kid ye not.
    The landlord Harry, didn't last long. The Angel also had a purpose built Billiards/Snooker Room. Where people actually did keep quite. happy days :)