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Sunday, 17 January 2010

002. Bulls Head, London Road

Bulls Head, London Road. (c) Gene Hunt at flickr.

Situated on London Road in front of the new entrance and taxi rank of Piccadilly Station, the Bulls Head has become a regular first or last stop for thirsty travellers. To say that this was its only benefit would be unfair though, as this pub has been restored to a high standard, and now always has a good selection of real ales on at all times. This has encouraged more real beer drinkers and whilst its prices are not particularly cheap (probably due to its location), the beer is always well kept.

Bulls Head advert. (c) SSM CAMRA Opening Times Dec 2009.

Some older pictures of the Bulls Head from 1902 here and here, and the '70s and 1991 show it as a Wilsons and a Burtonwood pub. It opened in 1786, and the licensee was Maria Lowcock in the late 1800s and in much more recent times in the 1990s it used to keep modest opening hours in the evenings only. Now owned by the Marstons group (who acquired Burtonwood in the '80s), Pedigree and Banks are usually always on, together with four or five other guest ales. Certainly worth a trip for the more discerning beer drinker.


  1. What the main photo doesn't show is that it was right next door to London Road Fire Station - Manchester City Centre's finest. Many a happy evening spent after a rough day.....

  2. Cheers Carl, we included some detail on the Fire Station on the Prince of Wales entry:

    Recent news ( suggests summat is happening with the Fire Station finally. Let's hope the council can CPO it rather than the pricks at Britannia continue to piss about with it.

  3. For some reason I cannot access the EMail so am using the comment box instead. Just to let you know that Maria Lowcock was my 3rd great grand aunt and took over running the Bull's Head in 1849 following the death of her husband Sammy, a well known local figure, who had been running it since about 1837. I think she left the pub some time between 1861-1865 but I don't know who took it on then as her only son wasn't interested.

  4. My ancestor, Robert Meadowcroft, was the licencee in the 1824 Manchester directory. After he left the Bull's Head, I believe in about 1835, he moved to run the Wilton Arms in Denton. :)