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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Seahawk, Bold Street

Seahawk, Bold Street, Old Trafford. (c) Richard Aldred at BBC.

The Seahawk is the last of Hulme and Old Trafford's estate pubs to close. A vast area that once boasted 17 new-build pubs to serve the new housing estates, plus untold older boozers, is now virtually a pub-free zone.

Seahawk Lounge, Bold Street. (c) Anthony P Bruce at flickr under Creative Commons.

The Seahawk battled on as the 'Seven Sisters' flats that surrounded it were reduced to three, with the demolition of Raven, Osprey, Falcon and Eagle Court tower blocks. 

Seahawk, Bold Street. (c) The Nubian Times [1].

Towards the end the pub only opened at 7pm on selected evenings, and even then it was just the lounge that opened, as the Seahawk Lounge.

Hupton Harriett, Seahawk, Bold Street. (c) The Nubian Times [1].

Sadly landlord, Hupton Harriett, who'd run the Seahawk for 16 years, shut the doors for the last time on 7th January 2015, as the pub was acquired by Trafford Housing Trust for demolition [1].

Seahawk, Bold Street, 2015. (c) Duncan Morton @numlash at twitter.