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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Unicorn, Shawheath Close

Unicorn. Shawheath Close, Hulme (c) Tim Martin with kind permission.

The Unicorn was a strange-looking Greenall Whitley's estate pub on Shawheath Close in Hulme.  It was built in 1968 so was one of Hulme's first new-wave estate boozers [1].

Unicorn. Shawheath Close. (c) Tim Martin with kind permission.

The odd but impressive Unicorn "horn" that the pub sported is seen twice from different angles in 1972 - note the off-sales entrance next to the lounge.

Unicorn. Shawheath Close. (c) kevinfromHulme at exhulme.

Unlike many of Hulme's estate pubs, the Unicorn has lasted, although today it is a sorry sight.

Former Unicorn, Shawheath Close. (c) Google 2014. View Larger Map.

In 2011 it appeared to be being used as a club or religious place of some sort, but by 2014 was derelict.

Former Unicorn, Shawheath Close. (c) Google 2011. View Larger Map.

The Unicorn's horn ias still partly evident - or at least its base is.  Alan Winfield has another colour photo of the Unicorn over at pubsgalore.

Former Unicorn, Shawheath Close. (c) Google 2015. View Larger Map.

1. The old pubs of Hulme and Chorlton-on-Medlock, Bob Potts (1997).

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  1. What wAs the name of the church that used to be next to the unicorn. If burned down