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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Seven Stars, Rake Lane

Seven Stars, , Clifton, 1920. (c) Neil Richardson & Roger Hall [1].

The Seven Stars on Rake Lane opened in 1786 as only Clifton's second pub, after the Robin Hood.  This was because the village of Clifton only had a population of about 600 but the industrial revolution meant that a new road through it was needed.  The Seven Stars was a Georgian building that stood where the old Chloride Electrical Storage Company Exide Works social club is today.  The club used the bowling green of the old Seven Stars, despite the fact the pub was demolished in 1955.  Pictured below in 1946 as a derelict mess; it had closed in 1938 [1].

Seven Stars, ,1946. (c) Neil Richardson & Roger Hall [1].

In happier times the Seven Stars was owned by the nearby Worsley Brewery Company, and used to host clog dnacing but eventually the pub suffered from damp and became unsanitary.  The brewery were told to demolish the the Seven Stars but were given permission to rebuild, however the option wasn't taken up as Worsely Brewery were taken over by Walkers of Warrington around the same time [1].

1. The Pubs of Swinton & Pendlebury (including Clifton and Newtown), Neil Richardson & Roger Hall (1980).

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