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Saturday, 26 July 2014

White Horse / Volunteer / Trafford Volunteer / Shovel & Broom, Broom House Lane

White Horse, Broom House Lane, Gilda Brook, Eccles. (c) Tony Flynn [1].

The White Horse on Gilda Brook Road in Eccles is famous for being run by Bev Callard (aka Liz McDonald out of Coronation Street), but this estate-style pub has its roots in the Shovel & Broom, as far back as at least 1803.  On what was then Broom House Lane which ran through farmland, the pub was renamed the Trafford Volunteer in 1809, then the Volunteer a year later.  Ale was brewed on the premises in the mid-1800s and the pub, which was the White Horse from about 1825, became an Kays Atlas house.  When Robinsons of Stockport took over Kays and therefore the pub in 1929, they decided to rebuilt the White Horse and the new pub opened in 1935 [1].

1. A History of the Pubs of Eccles, Tony Flynn (1980).

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