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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Nag's Head, Hyde Road

Nag's Head, Hyde Road, West Gorton, 1991. (c) Simon Hall 1963-2016 [1].

The Nag's Head on Hyde Road is yet another West Gorton boozer to bite the dust recently, like the Imperial Inn behind it (left, below). Only the Travellers Call (far left, above) remains open now of the trio of pubs that used to be on offer for users of the Sports City Travelodge.

Nag's Head, Hyde Road, 2010. (c) Gerald England at geograph under Creative Commons.

The largely derelict corridor of Hyde Road is a blight on inner city Manchester and has not recovered from the ill-fated plan to run the M67 all the way into the city centre that was abandoned many years ago.

Nag's Head, Hyde Road. (c) Right Move.

The Nag's Head stands on the corner of Birch Street and Hyde Road, seen at the archives in 1958 when the thoroughfare was built up and bustling (that's the Rock Inn in the background).

Nag's Head, Hyde Road, 2009. (c) Gene Hunt at flickr under Creative Commons.

In 1972 it had a corner entrance, here in 1973 it's shown from another angle revealing the neighbouring demolition, and in 1986 here's the Nag's Head as a Boddingtons house.  

Former Nag's Head, Hyde Road. (c) Google 2016. View Larger Map.

The Nag's Head closed for good in 2009 and was offered for sale for an ambitious £200k as a private house at one point. These days it's the Belle Vue Convenience Store.

Nag's Head. Hyde Road, 1991. (c) Simon Hall 1963-2016 [1].

The 1991 photos here are courtesy of Crystal Palace fan, Simon Hall [1], before his visit to Maine Road on 24th August 1991.

1. Simon Hall 1963-2016


  1. Used to sneak in for quick pint after the car auction on friday(belle vue) just across the road seemed quite busy then (2003-2008)

  2. It was a convenience store when I last passed it: the once-busy area around it is lifeless now,just a desert.

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