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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Tanners, Fairy Lane

Tanners, Fairy Lane, Cheetham Hill, 1989. (c) By Stanley Horrocks, with kind permission and (c) Rose Horrocks.

The Tanners was a grim-looking Holt's estate house built to serve the small inner city estate at Fairy Lane in Cheetham Hill, just north of Strangeways, off Bury New Road.

Tanners, Fairy Lane, 1990. (c) deltrems at flickr.

The Tanners has been demolished along with some of the streets and houses of this estate, with new-builds appearing, although the pub still appears some older internet listings.

Tanners, Fairy Lane, 1999. (c) Mike Paul at Closed Pubs [1].

The Tanners was put up for sale in 1999, and according to the auction catalogue, may have been built in 1975 [1]. It also sounds like it had a ground floor 'cellar', which is a little unusual for a pub.

Former location of Tanners, Fairy Lane. (c) Google 2015.

The Tanners used to stand on the corner of Fairy Lane and Broomfield Drive, which is very different toady since the Fairy Lane estate has been flattened.

Tanners, Fairy Lane, 1989. (c) By Stanley Horrocks, with kind permission and (c) Rose Horrocks.


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  2. I went in the Tanners on 7 December 1988,
    decent Holts beers,but i have always thought that this area of North Manchester and Salford was one of the roughest areas i have done pubs crawls in.
    Shame the pub has been pulled down.

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  4. I went in this pup when it opened, This was when Holts beer was a good ale, It had a great dart board, And plenty of people to play, Went in there for a few years, Never seen any trouble or fights , Was a good pub, Now sadly gone

  5. This pub definitely wasn't there in 1975, I know a lot about this area as i lived in one of the streets on the other side near the Grove.
    The Hills which the housing estate was built on was surveyed in 1974, erected in 1975 and the first people moved in during late 1976.
    I'm quite sure the pub came along circa 1981 and was closed before the end of that decade.

  6. Just a thought regarding the pub being open in 1975, I think you might be mistaking it for The Cavalier which was just the other side of Finkel Park.

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