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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Brookdale, Coronation Road

Brookdale, Coronation Road, Failsworth, 1995. (c) Rob Magee [1].

The Brookdale was an estate pub on the corner of Coronation Road and Somerset Road on the Propps Hall Estate in Failsworth. Pictured above in 1995, it had been established 30 years earlier.

Brookdale, Coronation Road. (c) Pugh Auctions.

Wilsons Brewery were granted permission to build the Brookdale in 1965 and it was opened a year later by none other than Man United's Bobby Charlton [1], of course that year a World Cup winner.

Brookdale, Coronation Road. (c) Pugh Auctions.

By the 1990s the pub was owned by Grand Metropolitan but it looks like the Brookdale only lasted until the mid-2000s, as it was closed and up for sale in 2010.

Brookdale, Coronation Road, 2014. (c) Google 2015. View Larger Map.

1. Failsworth Pubs 1731-1995 and their licensees, Rob Magee (1995).


  1. It's so sad to see a pub or any business go out of business. It does represent a great opportunity for new people to do something fun with the place. I hope this pub and other pubs get new life in them.

  2. It's been pulled down now. Housing being built on the land.

  3. It was a great pub and was used extensively til the late 1990's.