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Friday, 22 July 2016

Railway Hotel, Pottery Lane

Railway Hotel, Pottery Lane, Gorton. (c) Simon Hall 1963-2016 [1].

The Railway Hotel is pictured above on the corner of Pottery Lane and Jarmain Street in Gorton on the 24th August 1991. Crystal Palace supporter, Simon Hall, and his mates were their way to Maine Road for an early season match, and naturally decided to visit some local(ish) pubs and sample a few ales. When they came across pubs that were architecturally interesting, looked like they were on their last legs, or were already closed, Simon would take a photo.

Railway Hotel, Pottery Lane, West Gorton. (c) D.N. at ManMates Facebook [2].

The old Openshaw Brewery house certainly fell into the latter category of already being closed in 1991. Its classic white tile-cladding, and the grand lettering advertising their fine ales and stout, were somewhat spoiled by the boards up at the windows (Simon's day was also somewhat spoiled by the result; City went top of the league with a 3-2 win). In its last years the pub was a freehouse under Matthew Brown and Thwaites, both of Blackburn. The Railway is shown above, probably a few years previously, courtesy of ManMates, when it was still open.

Jarmain Street, West Gorton. (c) London Gazette [3]. 

The Railway is shown at the archive in 1971, after it had been taken over by Tetley's Brewery of Leeds. The Openshaw Brewery (known as the Victoria Brewery) was close by on the lost Aberavon Street. The Railway stood on the corner of Jarmain Street and Pottery Lane, the former which has also been lost, as the above 1977 extract details. The factory and the railway bridge which carries the line through Ashbury's station, have not changed much since the Railway was demolished without a trace.

Former location of Railway Hotel, Pottery Lane. (c) Google 2016. View Larger Map.

1. Simon Hall 1963-2016


  1. The area around Ashburys Station has lost all of it's industry and much of its housing since the '60s, so the pub would have been left high and dry. The breweries would have been well-compensated by the council when their pubs were CPO'd, so they could cry all the way to the bank.

  2. Thanks for posting this article which brings back many memories. I used to visit the RAILWAY HOTEL and the nearby BIRCH ARMS in the mid-1970s when I worked for British Rail at Ashburys. At that time it was a Bass Charrington pub as I think Bass Charrington took over Openshaw Brewery in the sixties. Not, as yoy write, "The Railway is shown at the archive in 1971, after it had been taken over by Tetley's Brewery of Leeds."

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